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Item no.  1397     Metal mesh purse with Shoulder strap

Sizes :  About  7 x 6  Inches

Colors :  Black,  Silver,  Gold,  Red,  White,  Beige.
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Item no.  4033   Metal Mesh purse with zipper open on the top

Sizes :  About  5.5  x  2.5  x  3.8  Inches

Colors :  Gold, Black, Silver, Copper, Red, White, Beige.

Item no.  4033 B     Metal beaded mesh purse with zipper
open on the top

Sizes :  About  5.7 x 2.4 x 4  Inches

Colors :  Silver,  White,  Gold,  Black,  Red,  Copper,  Beige

Item no.  046 B       Metal Beaded mesh purse with zipper opener on the top

Sizes :  About  7.5  x 5.2  Inches

Colors :  Copper,  Silver,  Gold,  White,  Navy,  Black,  Red,  Beige

Item no.  A 41058 B    Metal Beaded Mesh purse

Sizes :  About  6.5  x 6.5  Inches

Colors : Silver

Item no.  A 261 B       Metal Beaded mesh Purse ( Large )

Sizes :  About  6.3  x  6  inches

Colors : Beige,  Gold,  Silver,  Black,  Red,  White.

Item no.  A 266 B       Metal Beaded mesh Purse

Sizes :  About  4.6  x  4.3  inches

Colors : Gold,  Silver,  Black,  White,  Beige

Item no.  C 13

Sizes :  About  5.7 x  6  Inches

Colors :  Green,  Gold,  Silver,  Purple,  Red,  Black,  White,  Beige,  Copper

Item no.  C 14

Sizes :  About  5.7  x  6  Inches

Colors :  Silver,  Gold,  Black,  White,  Beige,  Purple,  Red,  Copper

Item no.  C 17    Satin purse with small metal mesh on the handle

Sizes :  5.7 x  3.7  Inches

Item no.  C 166    Sequence Purse

Sizes :  About  5.7  x  3.7  Inches

Colors :  Silver,  Gold,  Red,  Pink,  Black,  AB (Multi colors),  White

Item no.  CK-1     Metal mesh Check Book Cover

Sizes :  About  6.5  x  3.3 Inches

Color :  Gold animal print,  Beige Animal print,

           Gold,  Black,  Silver,  Red,  White,   

            Black/ Gold/ Silver in slash pattern

Item no.  LS -1        Metal mesh Lip-stick case

Sizes :  About  3.6  x 1.3 Inches

Colors :  Gold Animal,  Beige Animal,

             Black,  Gun-Metal,  Gold,  Light Purple,  Red,  Light Blue,

             Silver,  Beige,  White,  Light Yellow,  Yellow,  AB (Multi colors),

             Pink,  AB-White,  Purple.

Item no.  MB- 1       Metal Mesh purse

Sizes:  About  2.9  x 4.8  Inches

Colors:  Gold Animal,  Beige Animal,

            Black,  Gold,  Silver,  AB (multi colors),  Gun-metal,  Copper,

            Light Blue,  Light Purple,  Red,  Beige,  White,  Navy
Item no.  001(4)        Metal Mesh Coin Purse with shoulder chain

Sizes:  About  3.9  x 3.2  Inches

Colors:  Gold Animal,

            Black,  Gold,  Silver,   Light Pink,   White,  Beige,   Red,  Purple.
Item no.  601       Metal mesh Purse with shoulder strap

Sizes :  About  7  x 3.5  Inches

Colors :  Black,  Silver,  Red,  White,  Pink,  
             Black with Silver mesh slashes,  Black with White Slashes,
             Red with Gold mesh slashes.
Item no.  8826 B     Small beaded mesh purse with zip top opener

Sizes :  About  6.2  x  2.4  x 3  Inches

Colors:  Gold,  Silver,  Copper,  Red,  Black,  White,  Beige.