Metal mesh Tops & skirts
Polly Trading Co Inc.
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Item no.  LSC-0001            Metal Mesh Top

Sizes : About  16 x 16 Inches (small)

Colors :  Black,  Gold,  Silver,  Red,  Gun-metal,  Light Pink,

         Dark Pink,  Hot Pink,  AB (Multi colors),  Copper,

           Matt-Gold,  Matt-Silver,  Matt-Blue,  Light Blue,

               American Flag,  Gold Animal printed,  Beige Animal printed,

               Gold with flowers,  Black with flowers.

Item no.  LSC-0002    Metal mesh Top

Sizes : About  25 x 15 Inches (medium)

Colors :  
Light Pink,  Black,  Silver,  Red,  Dark Pink,  Gold,

        Hot Pink,  Matt-Gold,  Matt-Silver,  Matt-Blue.

Item no.  LSC-0003      Metal mesh Top

Sizes :  About  25.5  x  13.5  Inches

Colors :  Black,  Silver,  Gold,  Red,  Dark Pink,  Matt-Gold,  

        Matt-Blue,  Matt-Silver,  Light Blue,  Hot Pink.
Item no.  LSC-0004       Metal mesh Bra

Sizes  : Each Side is about  6.5  x  6 Inches

Colors :  Gold,  Silver,  Copper,  Black,  Hot Pink,  Light Pink,

        Dark-Pink,  Red,  Matt-Gold,  Matt-Silver,  Matt-Blue,

         Gold Animal color.
Item no.  LSC-0005

Colors :  Black, Gold,  Silver,  Red,  Pink,  Dark Pink,  Hot Pink,

               Gun metal,  AB (multi colors),  Matt-Gold,  Matt-Silver,
                Matt-Blue,  Light Purple,  Light Blue,  Copper.